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A necklace is a treasure forever and can take as its inspiration a single stone or several. The art lies in combining stone with stone and stone with metal to create an individual piece which speaks for itself. The Annette Gabbedey Necklace Collection contains some of her most complex work, reaching its apex in “Magnificence”.

Curvy Cross

18ct Boulder Opal Triangular Pendant

Boulder Opal and Rose Gold Bead Pendant

Aquamarine Splendour

Tourmaline Delight

Shield range ‘Ice’

Shield Range ‘Sapphire Ice’

Curvy Medium Pendant

Curvy Long Pendant

Long Heart

Canadian elegance

Scatter Long Heart Pendant


Individual Earth

Individual Spectrolite Fan

Individual Lapis Fan

Individual Amethyst Triangle

Individual Lapis Triangle

Individual Fan


Arum Elegance

Arum Pure


Double Heart Pendant