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A chance to shine for both designer and wearer alike, to make a bold or sensitive statement, a pendant is an opportunity to show a stone off at its best, complementing the style of the wearer and enhancing the beauty of the stone. An Annette Gabbedey opal pendant distils her art to its purest form.

Curvy Cross

18ct Boulder Opal Triangular Pendant

Boulder Opal and Rose Gold Bead Pendant

Aquamarine Fan

Opal Fan

Deep Ocean

Opal Freccia

Aquamarine & Diamond Drop

Opal Flare

Shield range ‘Ice’

Shield Range ‘Sapphire Ice’


Drop of Colour

Curvy Medium Pendant

Curvy Long Pendant

Traditional Heart

Long Heart

Pure Drop

Pink Triangle

Pink Blush

Simply Aquamarine

Opal Pool of Colour


Canadian elegance

Scatter Long Heart Pendant



Opal Earth

Individual Earth

Individual Spectrolite Fan

Individual Lapis Fan

Individual Amethyst Triangle

Individual Lapis Triangle

Individual Fan

Diamonds & Tweed


Aqua Marquise

Arum Elegance

Arum Pure

Festival of Treasure

Opal Group

Beacon of Light

Double Heart Pendant