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Coloured stones

Gemstones are the naturally-occurring crystalline form of a mineral. Their value is determined by the rarity of the mineral, the quality or hardness of the material, its colour and the weight and cut of the stone. Gemstones can signify a special anniversary – emerald for 35 years, ruby for 40 years or sapphire for 45 years, or a birth month – garnet for January, amethyst for February or aquamarine for March. There are more than 40 popular gem varieties and many more collector gemstones, some have been treasured for thousands of years and others were discovered only recently. All are gifts of nature, giving a symbolic message, speaking a language more precious than words.

Annette carries a selection of gemstones in stock and can source others on request. In addition to the traditional ruby, emerald and blue sapphire, Annette also works with tanzanite, all colours of tourmaline, aquamarine and tsavorite garnet. Her speciality stones are opals – black, crystal, boulder and Mexican. For more details about opals go to the Opal Section. Alongside these, fancy-coloured sapphires and the semi-precious stones amethyst, citrine, peridot, garnet, blue topaz, iolite, lapis, turquoise, onyx and jade all appear in her designs.

The Perfect Setting

Having chosen your gemstone, it is important to give it the perfect setting in the right weight of precious metal, where the stone is held firmly and the back of the piece of jewellery is as well-finished as the front. If you are giving a gemstone as a gift, Annette can help you and the recipient to design a setting to suit both the stone and the wearer perfectly.

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